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Royal Copley


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Collecting Royal Copley is exciting

Exciting to look for new items

Travel involved to find them

Looking at auctions, antique malls and shows

Buying and selling pottery 

I have items For Sale

Royal Copley Items for Sale

Royal Copley collecting is spreading......people throughout the country are collecting this pottery.

Here I would like to introduce you to a variety of my hobbies.  One hobby is collecting Royal Copley pottery.  This I've been doing for years and my collection is fairly extensive.   It is an expedition to travel to flea markets, antique malls and antique shows throughout the country looking for that special rare pottery piece missing from my collection.  It is such joy when finding an obscure piece of pottery that could have been sitting on a shelf for months and no one else bought it.  I combine my photography interests in taking pictures of this pottery to sell and buy.  Also, taking pictures of my family is great fun.  I also like to combine my photography hobby with with historical interests since I have gathered from my grandparents many family pictures of ancestors that I've collected over the years. 

Early in 1941 the partners Morris Feinberg and Irving Miller acquired a defunct plant in Sebring, Ohio to begin their own production of art-ware pottery. For fifteen years, with many changes in the operation, the Spaulding China Company became on of the most significant plants in the production of art-ware pottery. . . . .

Reference book "More About Royal Copley plus Royal Windsor and Spaulding by Leslie C. and Marjorie A. Wolfe

Royal Copley made all kinds of Pottery

Vases, Animals, Art Deco, and perhaps over 1000 different pottery types

I collect all types, but I'm partial to the animals

Below is just a sample from my collection . . .

Look at the Birds ! ! !


The Swallow with Wings Upward is quite Rare - The Cockatoo is More Common but Still a Treasure



The Ducks were especially Designed for the Gift Shops - Shown are Hen on left and Drake on right

Happy is the Singing Finch


Royal Copley has many types of vases

There are all types of animals such as dogs, cats, horses, and deer

There are figurines for all types of people



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