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Records - 1860's





Record of the Congregation of Olive 1831 continued.

Jan. 2, 1860.

Leslie Miller Marquis, son of J. B. and Temperence Marquis.

April 8th, 1860.

Baptized, a young man named George Gin.

Infants baptized by Rev. Watson Russell.

March 25, 1861.

Venora Elizabeth and Robert Wilmont, children of John P. and ******** Gill.

June 3, 1861.

Mary Elizabeth, Nancy Jane, Samuel Wiley and John Noble, children of John and Isabel (or Mary) Collins.

Arthur Bingham, son of Warren and ********* Marquis.

James McDonald Boggs, son of Alexander Boggs.

November 11, 1861.

Elizabeth Malvina, daughter of John and ******** Cain.

Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Joseph A. and Mary E. Marquis.

Robert Riley Lowe, son of Thomas B. and Nancy A. Lowe.

Serepta Jane Marquis, daughter of J. Booker and Temperence Marquis.

Alga P. Russell, son of Watson and A. A. Russell.

March 30, 1863.

Children baptized by Watson Russell.

Alexander Knox, son of John and Charlotte McGlashan.

Infants baptized by Samuel Mahaffey.

Mary Loiza, William and Adam, children of William and Sarah Miller.

James Clement, son of Warren and Elizabeth Marquis.

Nov. 27, 1864.

William, David Allen and Samuel Henderson, children of John and Mary Wallace.

October 24th, 1870.

Mary Miranda, James Lot, and Minerva, children of Silas and M. Greer.

Andrew Simpson Duncan, infant son of Michael and Martha Morrison.

Netta J. Bell child of George A. Bell.

Aug. 19, 1877.

Anna Leota, child of Simeon and Maggy McFarland.

Carry Mae, child of Rev. J. A. and E. Baldridge.

March 17, 1878.

Children baptized by Rev. Tailor.

Ellis Tailor and Josiah Whitacre, children of Thomas and Mariah Henderson.

Ann, infant daughter of S. and Maggy McFarland.

April 13, 1879.

Infants baptized by Rev. Baldridge.

Carrie May and Frank M. Marquis, children of Joseph E. and Nola Marquis.

June 6, 1881.

Baptized, Freddie Lee, infant son of B. F. and Mary Shouce.

Jan 19, 1884.

Children baptized by Rev. T. J. Dague,

Oclo R. and Ellen M., children of Easton and Clara Boggs.

July 24, 1887.

Baptized, James M. Gill, and adult.

Baptized, Francis Wiley, Clement Verner and Loretta May, children of J. M. and Sarah Gill.

List of Members of Olive Church.

Agness Marquis

May Cain

Elizabeth Marquis

John Lyons

Samuel Marquis

Elizabeth Marquis

Sarah Lyons

Joseph A. Marquis, senr.

Alice Marquis

Hannah Timberlick

Alice Marquis

Michael Morrison

Mary Morrison

Phoebe McGlashan

Nancy Glenn

Joseph Glenn

John Morrison

Mary P. Morrison

Elizabeth Cain

Isabella Thompson

Margaret Hopper

Susan Racey

James Kelly

Sarah Campbell

John Cain

Mary Scott

Easton W. Daniel

Elizabeth Daniel

Robert Thompson

James Foster

Mary Foster

Margaret Gin

Ann Orr

John Thompson

Sarah Thompson

David R. Paxton

Samuel Aikin

Mary A. Aikin

John B. Marquis

John M. Boggs

Eveline Parrish

Sarah Culbertson

George Culbertson

Jeb Yeolt?

Sarah J. Moore

Temperence Marquis

William Marquis

Matilda A. Racey

Cyrus McGlashan

Nancy Glenn

Joseph A. Marquis, Jun.

Margaret A. Stewart

Mary Lyons?

Nancy Marquis

Hannah McGlashan

Elleanor Gill

Joanna Harris

Alice Boggs

Alice Timberlick

Alexander Boggs

Mary Boggs

Thomas Racey

William M. Cain

Elizabeth Parrish

Nancy A. Moore

Elizabeth Marquis

Charity A. Cordray

Sarah A. Bell

John Glenn

Cashann ? Cain

D. C. Aikin

Violett Aikin

John Orr

Michael Morrison, Jr.

Martha Morrison

May Lyons

Josephine Tilton

Jane Kelly

James Boggs

Sarah Boggs

Rachael Daniel

Rebecca Stewart

Elijah Phips

Jonathan Lyons

Samuel Marquis, jr.

C. Caldwell

Hannah Selix

Sarah Marquis

Mary Blake

John C. Caldwell

Asa Stoneking

Martha Ann Stoneking

L. D. Howell, M.D.

E. E. Howell

Isabella Sparrowgrove

Margaret Sparrowgrove

Levi Sparrowgrove

Susan Reed

Serepta J. Brownrigg

Almon Blake

A. N. Grove

Calvin McGlashan

John W. Kirk

Eveline Lyons

Charlotte Thompson

Margaret J. Boggs

J. Ann Foster

Elizabeth M. Marquis

Robert Boggs

John E. Marquis

John Lowe

Arthur B. Marquis

David Selix

John A. Cordray

Martha Martchman ?

Warren L. Marquis

Sarah E. Marquis

William Marquis

James A. Lyons

James Thompson

Elizabeth Marquis

Mary L. Lyons

Elizabeth Trimmer

Isaiah Trimmer

Samuel Trimmer

Rush Trimmer

May Trimmer

Jane V. Trimmer

Julia Ann Trimmer

James Sparrowgrove

May Sparrowgrove

Leander Racy

Stephen Smith

Eleanor Sparrowgrove

Anne Trimmer

Joseph Sparrowgrove

Andrew G. Trimmer

Mrs. Tilton

Rebecca Jackson

Rachael White

Mary E. Marquis

John Morrison, jr.

F. B. Harkness

James A. Johnson

Sarah J. Johnson

James Dalzell

Miss ______ Dalzell

Lydia Selix

Isabelle J. Aikin

Mary A. Aikin

John A. Timberlick

Warren Timberlick

Elizabeth Jolly

Catherine Lyons

______ Kelly

Mrs. Phoebe McGlashan

John R. McGlashan

Pricilla Timberlick

John Collins

Martha Boggs

Priscilla Miller

Mary P. Stevens

Phoebe E. Cain

J. R. Bell

Sarah R. Bell

Isaac Paxton

Nancy Paxton

Miss Charlott Gilbert

George A. Bell

Mrs. Sarah Jane Harman

Miss Emiline Phipps

Mrs. Mary Burlingame

Mrs. Isabella Collins

Mr. George Ginn

J. P. Gill

William Miller, sr.

John Barclay

Sarah Miller

Miss Jane Cane

Miss Sarah E. Culbertson

Miss Martha More

Samuel E. Jones

Mary Schreiber

______ Timberlake

William Miller

Samuel McGary

Martha McGary

Martha Ann Phipps (Parrish)

Lucretta E. Phipps (Long)

Miss Margaret Aikin

Margaret M. Hopper

Serene Daniels

Joanna Cain

William Sparrowgrove

John Wallace

Martha Wilie

John Sparrowgrove

Isaac Kayser

Moriah Keyser

Sarah Wilie

Hannah Nichols

Cyrus McGlashan

John Morrison

Rebecca Morrison

Eliza Stewart

Maggy Marquis

Rusha J. Marquis

Mrs. Greer

Benjamin Chadwick

Ruth Chadwick

E. J. Martin

T. C. McGlashan

Matty J. McGlashan

James A. Gore

Mary Gore

Hannah J. Beckley

Mary A. Seaman

Rebecca Stewart

David Winder

Columbia Winder

Mathew Steen

Elizabeth A. Marquis

Dr. C. Schreiber

Dr. J. S. Black

Joseph E. Marquis

Martha M. Marquis

Pheby J. Kizer

Elizabeth A. Marquis

J. P. Gill

James Wilie

Dunlap Wilie

James Cain

Rosanna Cain

George Bell

Rachael Bell

Jennie Schreiber

Viola Gill

Ella McGlashan

R. J. Marquis

Erwin Hopper

Mary J. Stewart

Elizabeth J. Steen

J. H. Bell

Charles Stewart

Mary Francis

Phebe McGlashan

Nara Hull

C. G. Boggs

E. N. Boggs

______ F. McGlashan

Linda Hull

Lida Stoneking

Elizabeth Racey

Mariah Boggs

Nira Selix

Mary Barclay

Susan McGary

Lewis O. Schreiber

Nannie Marquis

Frank Gill

Israel Boggs

R. J. Stewart

Rachael Morgaridge

Edward Marquis

Arclissa Morrison

Manilla Davis

Mary Bell

John Conner

__. J. Porter

William Steen

Martha Steen

Maggy Steen

B. F. Shouse

Mary Shouse

Joseph P. Gill

Mrs. Spencer

James Gore

Mrs. Gore

Clara Racy

Elizera Baldridge

Ida Baldredge

Wilbert Baldridge

Thomas Henderson

Meriah Henderson

H. Workman

Mrs. M. Workman

Leticia Morrison

Hatty McGlashan

Serepta J. Marquis

Jennie Reed

William Boggs

Susan Boggs

Angeline Dud___

Maggy Marquis

Alta Selix

Fulton Selix

Martha E. Boggs

Katy Marquis

Netty Herald

Lilly Norwood

Mary L. Beckley

Mary B. Baldridge

Louie Foster

Mary J. Wilie

Lawrence Huston

Rufus Wilie

James Martin

Mod Yerian

Robert Gill

Thomas L. Marquis

Rebecca Ewing

Elizabeth Ewing

Elizabeth Wilie

Sarah Gill

Abner Ewing

Mary Huston

Abagail Norwood

Anne Miligan

James Miligan

Simeon McFarland

Sim Marquis

Frank Boggs

Hannah Con

Henrietta Con

Andrew Ewing

B. F. Shouse

Mary Shouse

Hesiah ? Smith

Rebecca Boggs

Clara P. Boggs

Nettie Bell

Cora McKee

Lura McKee

John C. McGlashan

Rachael McBride

Arminda Winders

Anna Foot

Calla Racy

Mod Racy

Era Archibald

Riley Parrish

Eva Reed

Ella Marquis

Ellen Foot

Bina Little

John Lowe

Charles McGlashan

Elinor Parrish

Ida. M. Wilie

Franklin Foot

Samuel Wallace

R. W. Parrish

Martha Marquis

Mrs. M. Parrish

Clement L. Spriggs

Thadius H. Bell

Nancy A. Bailey

James Gill

Arthur Marquis.