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NOTE: What follows are the proceedings of the church, which show the early organization and the members, involved in those early days. I have consistently used the same spelling of surnames and other terms as transcribed by Byron Marquis.

. . . . . . Dennis Schroll

Proceedings of Trustees of the

Congregation of Olive (Presbyterian Church)

Olive Township, Morgan County, Ohio


(now Sharon township, Noble County, Ohio.)

The first record book begins:

At a meeting of the members held at Samuel Long's on the ------, Ano Domini one thousand, eight hundred and twenty.

Mr. Alexander Greenlee, James Archibald and Edward Parrish were chosen wardens and John Marquis, Senr. Clerk and the Rev. Moore being accepted Pastor duly and according to the ancient established form, organized the meeting to be known by the name of Olive Congregation. Signed -- John Marquis -- attest.

At a meeting of the members held at the Graveyard on Saturday the ninth of August 1828, Mr. John Marquis, James Archibald and Samuel Long were chosen Trustees and Edward Parrish clerk for said congregation.

Olive Township, Morgan County, Ohio. At a meeting held at the farm house on Friday, 31st of August, Ano Domini, 1829.

Mr. John Lyons, Thomas Byers and Michael Morrison were chosen Trustees and Edward Parrish, Clerk and Samuel Long, Treasurer of Olive Congregation. Ed. Parrish, clerk -- attest.--

At a meeting of the congregation on the 22nd of August 1831 the old book, or papers were put into my hand from which I have copied the foregoing and certify it to be true statement. Signed -- Peter Eckley

At the same meeting, Samuel Marquis, Thomas Byers and Peter Eckley were chosen Trustees, Edward Parrish, Treasurer and Peter Eckley, clerk.

From which time until 1835 there has been officers elected annually. In 1835, Samuel Marquis, Alexander Greenlee and Peter Eckley were Trustees and John Lyons, Treasurer.

At which time a Petition was got up and presented to the Legislature of the state of Ohio praying to be incorporated as a body and known by the name of the First Presbyterian Church of Olive Township, Morgan County. Which Petition was granted by the Legislature, March 7th, 1836. viz