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Proceedings in Book 1 continued

An act to incorporate the First Presbyterian Church in Olive Township in Morgan County.

Section 1.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio that Peter Eckley, Samuel Marquis, Allen Greenlee, John Lyons, Michael Morrison, Joseph M. Marquis, Jonathan Lyons and their associates for the time being, be, and they are hereby created a body corporate and politic, by the name of, "The First Presbyterian Church of Olive," and as such shall remain and have perpetual succession, subject, however to such future regulations as the Legislature may think proper to make, touching matters of more Temporal concernment.

Section 2.

That such corporation shall be capable in law by the name aforesaid of sueing and being sued, pleading and being impladee in any action or suit in any court having competent jurisdiction.

Section 3.

That the said Corporation by the name aforesaid shall be capable in law of having, recieving, acquiring and holding, either by trust, grant, devise or purchase, any estate, real personal or mixed which may become the property of said Corporation provided the annual income of all such property shall not exceed the sum of two thousand dollars, and provided also, that all such property shall be considered as held in trust under the management and at the disposal of said corporation for the purpose of promoting the interest of said congregation, defraying the expenses incident to their mode of worship and maintaining any institutions of charity or education that may be herewith connected. PROVIDED MOREOVER that when money or other property shall be given, granted, bequeathed or devised to said congregation for any particular use or purpose it shall be faithfully applied to such end or purpose.

Section 4.

That on this Monday of October, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six and on the Monday of October in each and every year after the year eighteen hundred thirty-six there shall be elected five Trustees and such other officers as the said congregation may deem necessary who shall hold their offices for one year and until their successors shall be elected, PROVIDED that a failure to make an election on the day appointed shall not work a forfiture of the privileges of the corporation, but in every such failure from any cause the Trustees or any two of them shall have power to appoint such other day for an election as they may judge fit.

Section 5.

That all elections shall be by ballot and shall be determined by a plurality of votes, each male supporter by subscription of said congregation being entitled to one vote in this and in all other matters touching the interest of the corporation.

Section 6.

That extra meetings of the congregation shall and may be called by the Trustees or any two of them at any time on their giving ten days previous notice by advertisement in three public places in Olive, one of which shall be on the door of the house used by said congregation as a place of public worship.

Section 7.

That the Trustees or a majority of them may establish a common seal which they may alter, change or renew at pleasure and shall have power and authority to make all contracts in behalf of the corporation and to manage all pecunury prudential matters and other concerns pertaining to the good order, interest and welfare of the congregation, and to make such rules, regulations or by-laws consistant with the Constitution and laws of the United States and of the State of Ohio as they may deem advisable from time to time for their own government and for that of the corporation; PROVIDED that they shall make no by-laws or pass any order for the imposing or assessing of any tax, or for the sales of any property, on account of the corporation, unless by consent of said corporation excepted by a majority of the male supporters of said congregation present upon a day legally advertised for such purpose.

Section 8.

That original precepts against said corporation shall be served by leaving an attested copy with one or more of the Trustees at least ten days before the return day and such services shall be deemed sufficient to bind said corporation.

Section 9.

That Peter Eckley, Samuel Marquis, Alexander Greenlee, John Lyons and Michael Morrison, be, and they are hereby constituted Trustees of said congregation, with full power to act until the first annual election and until their successors are chosen.

Section 10.

That the Trustees of the said congregation shall have power to sell the lot whereon the house of worship now stands providing they pay to those who do not consent to the sale, the money they once donated towards the same.

Signed---William Medill Speaker pro-tem of the House of Representatives.

Elijah Vance---Speaker of the Senate

March 7, 1836