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1852 - 1857





Proceedings in Book 1 continued

Olive Feb. 24, 1852.

Recieved of Mr. W. Eakin, Treasurer of Olive Church, my salary in full up to November, 1850. Wm. Reed.

Recieved of Olive Church, my salary in full up to the year ending November 1852. Also 95.46 on the year ending Nov., 1853.

Signed--Wm. Reed--

November 12, 1848.

An election for officers for the ensuing year of the Congregation of Olive Church was held and the following persons were duly elected for Treasurer and Clerk. S. M. Aiken. Trustees, Joseph A. Marquis, sen., Reuben Boggs, John B. Marquis, Robert Thompson and Michael Morrison.

Olive Nov. 21, 1849.

An election was held this day for officers in the Congregation of Olive. The following persons were duly elected. For Treasurer and Clerk, S. M. Aikin, for Trustees, Michael Morrison sen., Reuben Boggs, Joseph A. Marquis, George Culbertson and J. B. Marquis.

Olive, Nov. 15, 1850.

A meeting of the Congregation of Olive for the purpose of electing officers, whereupon it was resolved that the officers of the preceeding year serve the coming year ending Nov., 1851.

Olive, April 10, 1854.

Recieved of Olive Church, my salary in full up to the present time. William Reed.

November, 1853.

A meeting of the Congregation was had whereupon the house was called to order by appointing Samuel Aikin to the chair and David K. Paxton, Secretary. Whereupon it was moved that the Treasurer make his report which was done. The meeting then adjourned.

April 10, 1854.

A meeting of the Congregation, according to previous notice was had, whereupon a motion was made to disolve the relation of William Reed as Pastor and the Congregation of Olive, whereupon said relation was disolved by a vote of the Congregation.

Rev. Mr. Fulton, being present at said meeting to moderate a call for the Rev. Wm. Caldwell to become Pastor of Olive Congregation. Said call was agreed to by a vote of the congregation.

April 25, 1854.

Presbytery having met in the Olive Church in Sharon for the purpose of installing the Rev. Mr. Caldwell, Pastor of said Congregation. Mr. Fulton preached an introductory sermon, Rev. Mr. Grimes gave the charge to Rev. Mr. Caldwell and the Rev. Mr. Hoge gave the charge to the Congregation.

Olive Church, Sharon August 28, 1854.

A meeting of the Congregation was had. The Rev. J. P. Caldwell was called to the Chair and D. C. Eakin, Secretary when they proceeded to the election of two additional Deacons. Mr. John Boggs and David K. Paxton were nominated and duly elected. It was then moved and seconded that the Deacons be instructed to open the house only for the purpose of preaching and lecturing on moral subjects. On motion then the meeting was adjourned.

Sharon, Ohio, August 21, 1857.

A meeting of the members of the Presbyterian Church of Olive was held for the purpose of making choice of a proper person to preach for said church. On motion, Mr. Samuel Eakins was called to the chair and J. A. Marquis, jun. Secretary. A vote of the congregation was taken. The candidates, namely, Rev. Aikin and Rev. Graham and the result was as follows: Aikin 25 (twenty-five) votes and Rev. Graham 10 (ten) votes. On motion, J. A. Marquis, sen. and E. W. Danels were chosen a committee to inform the candidate the result of the meeting then adjourned. Samuel Eakin, Chairmen. Joseph Marquis, Sec.