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Title Page
1836 - 1848
1852 - 1857
1861 - 1864
Records 1830's
Records - 1840's
Records - 1850's
Records - 1860's
2nd Book - 1850's
2nd Book - 1860's
2nd Book - 1870's
2nd Book - 1880's
2nd Book - 1890's
2nd Book - 1900


1831 - 1904



* Note that in the year 1855 with the formation of Noble County the location became SHARON, SHARON TOWNSHIP, NOBLE COUNTY, OHIO.

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Table of Contents

Newspaper Clipping from the Caldwell Journal about 1931 gives a brief historical sketch of the Sharon Presbyterian Church, Sharon, Noble County, Ohio.

Title Page:  An explanation about the Olive Presbyterian Church long time church member and transcriber of the records books.

Introduction:  Records of the Congregation of Olive 1836.  An actual page shown from the record book.

Church Proceedings:  The First Record Book entries begin

Church Proceedings:  The First Record Book continues with the Incorporation

Church Proceedings:  1836 to 1848.

Church Proceedings:  1852 to 1857.

Church Proceedings:  1861 to 1864.

The Church Members Records Book 1:  1831 to 1839.

The Church Members Records Book 1:  1840 to 1849.

The Church Members Records Book 1:  1850 to 1859.

The Church Members Records Book 1:  1860 to 1887.

The Church Members Records Book 2:  1854 to 1859.

The Church Members Records Book 2:  1860 to 1869.

The Church Members Records Book 2:  1870 to 1879.

The Church Members Records Book 2:  1880 to 1889.

The Church Members Records Book 2:  1890 to 1899.

The Church Members Records Book 2:  1900 to 1904.

sharon.jpg (12,000 bytes)

Click here to see enlarged map of Sharon, Noble County, Ohio in 1876.

The Presbyterian Church is at the intersection of Main Street and South Street.

Byron Marquis, a long time resident of that area obtained the old church records that were found in the church coal house compiled all these notes in this website. Mr. Byron Marquis, residing in Caldwell, Ohio and local historian originally had in his possession of many of the older original records. Mr. Marquis sent these original records to the Presbyterian Archives in Philadelphia, PA in 1979. I had personally visited with him and he explained the months he had spend transcribing these records to his manual type writer.   He then allowed me to make a copy of these type written notes.

Dennis W. Schroll has compiled the following book in this website from the transcribed copy formerly typed by Mr. Byron Marquis.  Much effort was spent in proof reading the original notes to ensure accuracy.  No index is given because one had to simply use the "find" function on your web browser to locate possible ancestors.   There are a great many birth, death and baptism records not available from court house or cemetery records.  Many of the old cemetery markers are not readable because the soft face has worn or flaked away with age.  One should still seek cemetery records because some headstones were recorded long ago before so many became unreadable.

I wish to acknowledge my Grandmother Pedicord whom went to this church when only 5 years old.  She passed on several years ago in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Thanks, Dennis W. Schroll, January 18, 2000

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